what the wino drinks




“So tell me Mr. Wino, what’s your favorite wine”? That’s the easiest question that anybody could ask me. It’s the red, white or pink one in a bottle, can or box! All kidding aside, there are several wines I really love. But I think you have to really set the scene. By this I mean you need to consider the planned agenda for the blessed event. If you’re going out for an Asian dinner, you might feel that a crisp Riesling is the ticket. Maybe a bold Barbera, Malbec or Tempranillo with that Mexican meal would be mucho grande. So, it’s a quite night at home, good movie, some brownies, a friend and maybe a delicious late harvest wine fits the bill. All of these could be my favorite wine. It just depends on what you like, or feel like at the moment. Actually I would be in my zone watching a movie while enjoying a bottle of Zin. With that said, here are a few juices that I really, really like on a regular basis, among others.


Wilderotter Sauve Blanc. Exceptional wine from a small but very friendly winery. One thing it lacks is a high price tag and that feline relief aroma! Yeah Buddy!


Montevina Pinot Grigo. Always a great buy at around $10.00. Crisp and clean with loads of peaches and fresh pears in liquid form.


Martinelli Chardonnay. Take your pick from any of the vineyard designates. You can’t go wrong with their Zio Tony.


Martinelli Zinfandels. Again, take your pick. Giuseppe and Luisa Zinfandel would be a great place to start. Jackass Vineyard, the little brother to Jackass Hill, is one of the very best I’ve ever tasted, if not the best.


David Girard Grenache. Plain and simple...it’s outstanding. It’s been one of the top ten Grenache’s for several years in a row. Screw top for saving a glass, but I have yet to do that! Light, fruit forward and elegant.


Cooper Vineyards Barbera. Dick Cooper is know as the Godfather of Barbera. The juice that comes out of this place is just plain great.


Mazzocco Zinfandel. With over 30 single vineyard designates, there’s one for everybody. I usually have one or two bottles a week. My favorite, besides all of them, is their Dry Creek, Maple and Maria juices.


Easton Syrah. From Amador County, there’s not a clinker in the bunch, and they do have a bunch.


Inglenook (Rubicon) Cabernet Sauvignon. On the higher side of the register but well worth it.


Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon. In my opinion, overrated, but still a good go to Cab. It’s the Rombauer Chards of Cabs!


It can get expensive if you drink wine the way I do. So when you’re looking for that every day, cheap, but good go to wine, here’s what WINO101 slams down.


Yellow Tail Syrah (Shiraz if you’re from down under) and also their Pinot Grigo is a good bet. They also have a Cab/Shiraz blend that’s pretty good….for $4.99!!! Cold pizza and Yellow Tail, sounds good to me!