What Do I Say?

WINO101 says that just because you're in a winery tasting room doesn't mean you have to invent a whole new language. Sure, there are different terms, expressions and conversations that you wouldn't hear at Mc Donald's. That's because it's a wine tasting room, not a burger joint. Just to help you along, I've added links to some of the "wine terms" that you'll hear on a regular basis in a tasting room, and some you won't. Anyway, "What do I say"? Well, if you're talking with friends, how about a simple "How does this wine taste to you" or "I really like this wine". And BTW, if you DO really like the wine, do yourself a favor....BUY A BOTTLE!! If you're speaking to the person behind the bar, how about asking him or her "Tell me a little more about this wine". Remember you want to learn as much as you can from the right people. You might ask where the vineyard is located, does it have any special characteristics, how old are the vines or any other such question. You'll soon discover that one question answered could lead to another question, and the answers that you get helps build knowledge. You might even get lucky and run into a person like Doug Bellamy that might show you a vineyard map, and site a little history of the vineyards. Remember, God made you with one mouth and two ears for a reason. I still really think that's was to hear the cork popping and drinking wine!! So take advantage of the moment, the people and the surroundings in getting as much information as you can. Every time you step into a tasting room in the future, you'll be that much more knowledgeable than the last one. Here's a little example that will always be with me. While working in a tasting room, I had this one guy that would come in every weekend and he would ask one question after another. He wanted to know everything he could about wine. A year or so later I ran into him again...pouring wine at a winery tasting room!  ASK QUESTIONS....AND LISTEN!

Don't know what to say? Easy...ask a friendly tasting room manager like Doug Bellamy at Cooper Vineyards for help. Just ask and they'll answer questions you may have. Pretty easy...right Doug?