what do i do?

​​For sure, I wouldn't hold your wine glass like the pretty lady in the picture, unless you're posing for some wine magazine's photo shoot in France at some la-de-da chateau. The wine glass has a "stem". That's the long skinny section in the center, and it's designed for holding the wine glass in the proper place, especially when swirling your wine. Also, you shouldn't really hold your wine glass by the "bowl" unless you're trying to warm up the wine, which is more than pretty uncommon to do. I bet you can figure what part of the glass the bowl is ...right? Keep in mind, as you get "wine-wiser", you'll discover that holding your glass by the bowl will smudge the glass with fingerprints. This will deter you from getting a "clear" presentation of the wine, it's clarity and its color. And if you've been enjoying a little cheese, or had some finger foods prior, it makes it that much more difficult. I know that might sound a bit "snooty", but when you really get serious about your wine, it makes perfect sense. Also keep in mind your own consumption. After a few wineries, or for some, after just a couple sips of wine, you may get a bit tipsy. Two ways to keep this from happening. First, use the dump buckets. Don't just keep drinking glass after glass just to be drinking. Take a taste or two and spit or dump the rest out. Second, and the best way, especially if your friends are telling you to stop talking so loud, STOP DRINKING! In the "Tasting the Wine" section I have listed some of the basics of wine tasting. I mean the basics, like... how to swirl the glass, where to stick your nose, and blah, blah, blah!! Don't worry, and don't go nutzso on your friends, or the people in the tasting room. Also, be respectful to those around you. When you go tasting, leave the perfume and Old Spice at home, as the scents can really throw off the senses when evaluating a wine. Sure this may sound a tad snobby, but as you become more experienced and involved, you'll surly understand and appreciate this tasting room courtesy. WINO101 says...Relax and enjoy.​