Got Island Fever?

A native Hawaiian, Dave Sedeno, Pono Wines founder, began his entry in to the wine industry around twenty years ago. During that time, he worked at several wineries in the Napa and Sonoma areas. In 2015, that’s right…only a year ago, Dave launched Pono Wines. If you’re wondering what Pono means, it means several things that Hawaiians cherish, such as, being a way of life, balance and leaving things in a better state then when you found them. I myself have spent many months in Hawaii and have always noticed the respect the native people place on family, tradition and living a balanced life of hard work and pleasure. This is certainly true when it comes to Dave’s wines. There’s so much more you should know about the feeling of “pono”, and I suggest you look it up one day and get the sense of living a “pono” life style and culture.

Dave’s winemaker, Grant Long, though a Napa native, shares that same Hawaiian spirit, and it certainly shows in the superb juice he produces. Grant has produced wines since 2008, and after cementing their friendship, ideals and purpose in 2015, Dave and Grant brought the results of their labors to the forefront in Napa by establishing Pono Wines. Pono Wines is a very small boutique (I sure hate using that term) winery producing just shy of 300 superb cases per vintage. This is actually an increase from their 2014 vintage production. I would seriously suggest that you shoot Dave an email and find out where you can pick up a few bottles of true Hawaiian “pono” culture direct from Napa and Sonoma!

Last week I had the opportunity to savor a bottle of 2015 Hoku, also known to us “ha-o-les” as Sauvignon Blanc. I know that many of you out there think of SB as that “feline” juice, induced with some citrus and other fruits tossed in for good measure. Well, that’s not the case here. Sure there’s the melon, lime and peaches. But there’s more. The tasting notes even indicate lemon candy and cardamom spiced pear. As many of you know, I tend to be hyper-sensitive to vanilla and baking spices, and boy did I get some great sensations from this juice. I tasted an almost vanilla or candy almond at mid-palate and finish, and even a smidgen of caramel. The finish was very smooth, and over the couple hours after dinner, the wine totally evolved in to an even more complex wine. All of the above senses seemed to open up even more, with the temperature near the 65 degree plus level, becoming extremely smooth and delicious. This is surly a wine for those that have issues with the traditionally sometimes tart, grassey or with the feline characteristics of SB, and it's also for those that enjoy this great varietal and want to explore something more extraordinary.

Dave and Grant also produce an exceptional red blend, Hapa, and their Cabernet Sauvignon, Mana. Make sure you check out the very unique packaging, like... "What do the longitude and latitudes engraved on the bottle stand for?".

Pono Wines 2015 Hoku Sauvignon Blanc

82% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Semillon, 8% Sauvignon Gris

14.1% ALC by Vol.