Still Gold...& Platinum in the Sierras!!!

OK. I know it’s not the heart of wine country, but its close, in the Sierra foothills. It was a great day to visit the gold rush town of Nevada City, enjoy a nice lunch and of course check out the tasting rooms around town. Boy did I find a jewel! Nevada City Winery on Commercial Street, one block over from the main drag. As I walked in I was quickly greeted by Beverly Warren and Director of Sale, Delia Orduna, who were frantically working to set up a display in the gift shop area. After asking to taste a few wines, Beverly said “I have a better idea. Let’s take a little tour of the barrel room”. Sure, sounds good to me! After Deila offered my wife her jacked due to chill down there, we went down the stairs into the partially underground barrel room, which I was amazed at in its size. After that, Beverly walked us outside to show us the original building, and told us about the history of the building, and the adjacent Miners Foundry, which is a venue for concerts and the like. After the tour, we went back to the tasting bar and had an experience that we didn’t expect. The wines, from winemaker Mark Foster, were great, especially a 2012 Dolcetto that knocked my socks off. We went through the tasting menu of Gewurztraminer, Sango, Zin, Cab Franc, Barbera and others. Believe me, there was no shortage of diversity or fantastic wines on the menu. Currently there are thirteen wines on the tasting menu, all at more than very fair prices. Other than the juice, what really stood out like a sore thumb was the hospitality of both Beverly and Deila. You couldn't ask for nicer people to spend an hour or so with. They even directed us to a great little restaurant, The South Pine Café, for our lunch. We left, told them we’d be back after lunch. Now, after pouring wine myself, I've heard that a thousand times. But we did go back, as I wasn't about to leave without a few bottles of juice, especially that Dolcetto! The tasting room has hundreds of wine related gifts, and just to the back of the room is another small events room. Step out from there on to a beautiful deck where I will enjoy lunch and a bottle of NCW wine on my next visit. But, if you just want to kick back on the deck for a bit, they also serve their wines by the glass. The next time you’re up Nevada City way, don’t miss this outstanding winery, it’s super staff and a little step back into history. You won’t be sorry!


2012 Dolcetto just took Double Gold at the 2014 New World International Wine Competition, and Platinum at the 2014 California Consumer Wine Competition!!