At Home in the Dome!

At home in the dome! Actually one of the friendly people pouring wines for you at Armida kind of got me started on this site. I visited Armida several years ago, and walked out not feeling the best about the wine. But like I noted, your palate and your mentality about wine changes with experience and education, and this is a great example. I walked into Armida again I was welcomed enthusiastically by one of Armida's extremely knowledgeable staff. After tasting several wines, some of the best I've tasted, he did a switch-a-roo on me. He switched in a Zinfandel that I wasn't expecting, and he waited, with a smile on his face, to see my reaction. I couldn't believe how good the wine was, and I noted "this is one of the best Zins I've ever tasted". He informed me it was a Zin from Tom and Tina Maple's vineyard. Specifically Tina's Block. He proceeded to show me a map of their vineyard, and where Tina's Block was located and how she pruned the vines. While I was aware of the Maple's vineyard, he took the initiative, without me asking, to share that bit of info. This is what makes the tasting room visits fun and informative. The wines at Armida are all truly wonderful wines. There’s always a smiling, knowledgeable tasting bar server to pour a little Zin for wine lovers at Armida. Yeah...this is the kind of person that everybody wants pouring their elegant wines, with some knowledge to boot! This is the time to ask questions and learn. After tasting Armida's fantastically elegant wines buy a bottle and head out to the picnic area overlooking the winery lake and the valley vineyards below. I sure hope you stopped at the Dry Creek Store and picked up a couple Italian sandwiches before you came, as they're the perfect match with Armida wines. There’s something there for everybody, from their "Poizin" Zinfandel to the Pinot Grigio "Antidote", the antidote for Poizin!!! Get it? There are all kinds of differently labeled bottles of Poizin. Collect them for yourself, or pass the spoils on to a friend. The tasting room at Armida is large and very open, with a great selection of wine related clothing, books, wine hardware and gift packs for that special friend, or for the one that wasn't as fortunate as you to enjoy the welcoming Armida hospitality.