Enjoy the Experience!

Like I said up front, wine tasting is about the experience. I posted a few common sense rules such as what to say and what to do. Our good friends at the Wine Road, www.wineroad.com, have tons of information on their site including this great little video. Just like the video, the many wineries and eating establishment in and around the Healdsburg area that go out of the way to make your experience fun and memorable. I've been going to the area, including Dry Creek, Russian River, Alexander and Anderson Valleys for about fifteen years. I've seen the change, the growth and the increasing amount of exciting wines. While Zinfandel is King in Dry Creek, you'll find lush and vibrant Pinot's, Cabs, Syrahs, Chards and several other varietals. It's up to you to check it out and enjoy life on the Wine Road!

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