Terroir!! Say What?

OK, let’s talk about terroir. Say what? OK, Ok. Let’s talk about the environment, soil, climate, vineyard location and such. There’s mucho stuff involved in bringing some juice to the table, and terroir plays one of the most important parts in that. Look at it this way. You live in Nome, never over 20 degrees and the ground is frozen like a rock. You want to start a swimming pool business. Is this where you think the best place to open up shop would be? Look at growing grapes in that light. You want the best location, the best soil and the best overall environment to set up shop. That’s what terroir is, the convergence of all the right elements you’ll need to produce the best results. Now, no one is expected to know everything about what it takes to select the best terroir for growing grapes. But if you’re new to the wine world, knowing just the basics will get you searching for more information on this incredible aspect of vineyard development and what a winemaker wants to work with. I’m sure there are people out there in Corkville that still say a wine is just a wine and it makes no difference where it comes from. You know. You’ve heard it time and time before…”Ah, they’re all the same…just give me that red one there for $3.99"! Well terroir plays an important part in the wine, and I hope you take some time to learn more about the earth, sun, sky and water. If you want to start learning about terroir, here's a great map about what's where. www.casoilresource.lawr.ucdavis.edu/gmap/

Punch it into your computer and look around. But I still wonder about one thing. What kind of fruit do you think is coming from the vineyard in the picture? Now that's TERROIR!!