The Magic of Mazzocco!

Mazzocco and their fantastic winemaker, Antoine Favero, have an extensive list of Zinfandels, about twenty (yeah that's right...I said about 20) along with whites, Cabs, Merlot and Petite Syrah. This is the place to be, if your palate can handle it. Keep in mind, some of the wines are club members only, so...join the club for crying out loud! There's a great tasting room with many gifts and a great display of Mazzocco's wines and awards. There's also a beautiful outside area. In the spring and summer, it's the perfect place to enjoy some of their wine and music events. With Mazzocco being part of the Wilson Family of wineries, there's a "fantastic perk" you get when joining the Mazzocco's wine club!! Don't wait. Currently when you join their wine club you get special privileges at the rest of the Wilson Family of Wineries. This is simply another one of those "no-brainer" decisions! It's like being in eight different wine clubs! Winemaker, Antoine Favero, has produced multi-medal winning wines, and in my opinion, some of the best Zinfandels anywhere! There's not one single wine of Antoine's that doesn't dazzle the senses and amaze the palate! OK, OK..I know wine can sometimes be pricy. But if you visit Mazzocco, join the wine club and purchase one, or all of The Three Amigos! No it's not from that old Chevy Chase movie. These Three Amigos are three fantastic wines, Juan Rodriguez, Antoine Philippe and Kenneth Carl. These wines are exclusive to wine club members only. Have Roseann or one of the other friendly staff members tell you the story! I’ll guarantee that if you’re a Zin lover you’ll be a fan of Mazzocco for life!