Stuck in Lodi...Again!

If you love Zinfandel, well let me put it this really wouldn't mind being stuck in Lodi again, and again! The Lodi area is about an hour south of Sacramento and pretty much bordered on the east and west by Hwy's 99 and 5. The Lodi area grows more wine grapes than Napa and Sonoma combined! Bet you didn't know that...did ya? There are some really fine wineries in the area, with almost every one of them making at least one or two Zins if not a half a dozen or more. The area is flat, open, spread out but on a grid type traffic flow which makes it easy to get around. What makes Lodi unique, as far as wine areas go, is that there are major shopping areas mixed right in with the wineries and tasting rooms. Good thing is you’ll never be far from the basic necessities and essentials, even McDonalds! Known for its Zins, Lodi also produces some really great Syrah's and dozens of other varietals such as Albarino, Sangiovese, Tempranillo and many others. But Zin is the king here. Thousands of acres are devoted to this grape, and there's no shortage of it in the tasting rooms. Some of the best, such as Michael David's Gluttony and Klinkerbricks's Old Ghost will knock your socks off! BTW, Klinkerbrick also makes one of the best Syrah's in California. Try their Farrah Syrah. To be honest, there are so many great wines it would take me days to go over all of them. Go out to Lodi and you count them for yourself, but make reservations at any number of fine lodgings that are close by. It's a two day visit at least!