Que Syrah..Syrah!!

Terre Rouge-Easton Winery in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley is a visit you must make. Personally, this was another one of the wineries that I passed on just because I didn’t feel like stopping or turning down the road to the winery, as I had been there several years ago. For some twisted reason I never went back. What a cork-head mistake. As you can tell by the pictures, others didn’t make the same mistake! The winery produces some really super Syrah's and Zinfandel's, among others. Always smiling, Doug Bellamy is a real find along the Amador County wine road. When I went in this past month or so, Doug was doing a vertical tasting of some of the Syrah's they produce. This really was a treat as you usually don’t find this except on very special occasions. The other treat was to taste the remarkable changes in the wines. It seemed like each one tasted better than the last. The fruit and lush mouth-feel remained constant from year to year. Granted there was a difference in each of the wines, but it was all for the good. Have Doug, or one of his super-friendly staff, show you the vineyard maps. You can see what comes from where and why! KNOWLEDGE my friends! One wine I also really liked was the Easton 2010 Fiddletown Zin. While Zinfandel is an Amador giant, both in status and succulence, Easton has produced a sleek and refined product that’s a must for you Zin lovers. The winery is located back from the road and it’s like visiting a relaxing country home (even though it's not), complete with front porch and a view of the vineyards. There’s also a great little gift shop with books and other wine related items, for you, and your friend that missed the opportunity to visit Terre Rouge-Easton Winery. You'll find it in the heart of the Shendoah Valley on Dickson Road, just off Shendoah Road in Plymouth's Shendoah Valley (209) 245-4277