Italiano...Geyserville style!

OK, lets start with the resumes! Brother and sister, Nick and Domenica, have been there...done that! They've been on TV with Oprah, Dr. Oz and CBS News just to name drop a bit. In the past, they've served their unbelievable Italian foods to the likes of Julia Roberts, John Travolta, Lady Gaga and Nelson Mandela. Nick worked under, and managed restaurants for the big guy himself, Guy Fieri. ​I first met Nick standing outside his restaurant putting up the evening's menu. We talked a bit and he noticed I had a bottle carrier. He said "come on in and enjoy your wine with some of the best Italian food you'll eat ".​The food! Ah... the food! I had the Michael's pasta and my wife had the ravioli. Both my wife and I agreed that this was some of the best pasta we've tasted in a long, long time. The raviolis are made fresh each day. They had an almost translucent look to them, and were very light and with the tastiest of sauce. Michael's pasta was a Penne pasta, fresh house-made sausage, mushrooms and Domenica's sauce. Flat out of this world! If you're in the area wine tasting, save the evening for Catelli's! Oh, if you don't happen to have a bottle of wine with you...not a problem. You'll also find a very nice, and a very fairly priced wine list at Catelli's.