Small Acorn...Big Wine...

Big isn’t always better. That’s absolutely true when it comes to Acorn Winery. I first experienced Acorn several years ago. After reading an article about their Zinfandel, I called and made an appointment to visit the tasting room the following week. When I got there, after traveling a narrow dirt and gravel road through the vineyards to the tasting room, at that time basically a garage, I was bowled over at the juice that co-owner Betsy Nachbaur was pouring. I was immediately addicted to their Axiom Syrah and Cab Franc. But where was the Zin I traveled over three hours to specifically taste? Betsy informed me they were sold out, bought out by a paper company with the same Acorn name. Seeing how disappointed I was, she said hold on a minute. She went into the back room and brought me a bottled, numbered, coded and destined for a judging competition. It was great! This last visit, a few months ago, I was once again amazed.

This time bye probably the best Sangiovese I’ve tasted in a long time. The particular Sango that I wanted to taste was the 2010 that I purchased while having dinner at Scopa's restaurant two weeks prior. That morning Betsy was pouring the 2011 Sango with the new packaging. What! Déjà vu all over again! Hey Betsy, where's the 2010? Almost gone! Are you pulling my cork? Ratz!!! Not to fear, she still had enough to make my half case! I tasted the 2011 and it was more than great, and made up the rest of what I purchased. Bill, Betsy’s husband, sat there in the now enhanced tasting room, doing the mornings paperwork. But I did notice the smile on his face in regards to my reaction when tasting that Sango! Betsy continued to pour their menu of wines, including the Axiom Syrah (had to get my fix!), Heritage Vine Zin, an Alegria Vineyard Medley and a very refreshing Rosato. If you really want to experience a personal touch, and some superior wine, the next time you're out Healdsburg way make sure to have an appointment set up to visit Bill and Betsy’s Acorn Winery.

12040 Old Redwood Hwy. Healdsburg, CA 707.433.6440