Just Hit the COMSTOCK Load!

First time visits to wineries are always fun for me. There’s such positivity in by those involved in presenting the fruit of their labor. This is what I found at the new Comstock Winery tasting room in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley. I was met by tasting room manager Tracy, and the tasting room lead Cory who were thrilled to present some very delicious juice and talk about the wineries founding. As a frequent visitor to this part of the world, I had watched the wineries buildings rise from the surrounding vineyards. Actually, adjacent to the parking area, there are some ancient Zin vines that are taller than me, and I’m six foot plus! The main winery building is extremely open and the new tasting, still having the final touches applied, is what I would call rustic-modern. There’s a huge tasting room, a bar made of barrel staves, and a wall of glass looking out over the vineyards, picnic area and the wineries digs for their wine club members. I must say, I was a bit uneasy as I watched the large confines grow up from the vineyards over the months. But all that soon turned to pleasure on

my first visit. The winery has many events, and weekly special events, like First Friday Bocce and Yoga in the Vines, to make your visit that much more enjoyable. As for the wines…Fantastic! I had a favorite though, the Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir! The juice was loaded with strawberry and almost a candied cherry on the nose. It was perfectly diversified on the palate with spices, cherry, strawberry and blackberry fruit. I thought it was fairly priced on its own, but a deal when you compare it to some of the more ballyhooed products at almost twice the price from the Sonoma Coast. Make sure that you visit Comstock on your next visit to DCV…you won’t be sorry!