A Little Bit of France in Larkspur!

I just recently enjoyed dinner at The Left Bank restaurant in Larkspur. I had been there before about six months ago and my wife just had to go back…on Mother’s Day! Quite arguably one of the worst nights of the year to try and enjoy a dinner. There’s the crowd, the wait and the stress in wondering if you'll get the wrong dish, and cold to boot. Well, none of that happened. In fact it was an extremely pleasurably evening without a wait, even though I was told when I called up to confirm my reservation, that the restaurant would be having one of the largest meal service days of the year. The servers were undaunted with the completely full house of sure to be happy...happy...happy people after their evening meal, served and presented with a smile from the servers. Given the amount of diners and tables being served, we were not hurried or pressed on the evenings decision making or dining experience. I brought my own wine for the evening, a Martinelli Jackass Zinfandel that I had been waiting to pop for a couple months. Jesse, whom I assumed was the manager or assistant manager, stopped by the table to see if we needed anything and noticed the bottle hadn't been opened yet. Considering the busy house, and that we had only been seated a few moments, I thought it was excellent anticipation and service on his behalf. He immediately, after noticing the wine, said I’ll get you some better wine glasses. On his return we talked about the wine a bit, as I offered him a taste, and he graciously noted that he might stop by later. I really think he wanted us to just enjoy that prized vino. The Jackass Zin was perfect with our very tasty 10 oz. NY strips, hot pommes frites and vegetables, while the last sips were paired perfectly with the rich, yet refreshing profiteroles desert. All in all, the evening was fantastic. The Left Bank is very classy, semi-casual establishment, and not to be missed if you’re in the area. If this is a special occasion, such as an engagement or birthday, try to reserve a table in front of the beautiful stone fireplace. There're some very cozy booths behind the lush velvet curtains to the rear of the dining room, as you can see in the picture to the left. If you visit The Left Bank, the town of Larkspur is perfect for an after dinner stroll to walk off a little of the good stuff while looking in the shops. Be there or be square!