As Romantic As It Gets!

Ok, let’s start with the ambience. As romantic as it gets...period! This restaurant is simply put together with the perfect colors, furnishings and staff. My wife and I usually have a before dinner drink in the Front Room lounge, and then settle in at our favorite table for the real romance…the food! The chef usually starts you off with a surprise treat while your server opens your bottle of wine. Then the hard part...what to select. But that's one of the reasons we keep coming back... to try a new taste treat prepared by executive chef Thomas Schmidt. If you plan on going there, especially on weekends, make a reservation. As you can see below, there's a dining room experience just for you. A rich lounge, a ultra-romantic room with a fireplace, a little more casual room and another with an unobstructed view of the surrounding vineyards. If you want to get closer to the vines, especially in the summer, there's great outdoor seating right next to the vineyards. What more can you ask for! This restaurant may be a hidden jewel to some, but everybody from the locals to those seeking the perfect dining experience, are more than wise to John Ash's reputation. Another experience you might consider, especially after lunch or an early summer dinner, is a stroll along the inn's walking path through the vineyards. It's a great way to walk of a extraordinary meal, or just being romantic. It's also great after an early morning breakfast at the inn's bistro.'s great at the Vintners' Inn and John Ash & Company!