​WINO101 says there's are just few simple things that you need to know to become knowledgeable of wines, wineries and just plain enjoying the experience. With continued visitations to tasting rooms, speaking with the person behind the tasting bar, or having a casual conversation with a winemaker, you’ll learn and add more to your wine repertoire each time. Additionally, keep in mind these are businesses. Many of the fine wineries offer you the opportunity to taste their wines for free, or waive a small tasting fee with a purchase of a bottle of wine. But remember, by no means did the wine get there for free. The owners, winemakers, vineyard workers and everybody else involved that gives you this opportunity, put hundreds and hundreds of hours and millions of their own dollars into their businesses. Everybody wants you to enjoy the experience, but be respectful, as the wines you taste, and hopefully purchase, are literally the fruits of their labor. If a wine is not to your liking, that's fine...try another! But again be respectful. There's no reason to say "this wine is no good" or "it taste terrible". Think about it. You wouldn't want a stranger telling you your child was ugly...would you?



 ​​​​Also, consider that your palate will change. Your knowledge of what a specific wine is supposed to taste like, and what characteristics to look for, will greatly change your perception of wine. Once you start living in that're hooked...and that is a good thing!!! There are many fantastic wineries out there that would love to have you pay them a visit. Also keep in mind that sometimes, especially on weekends, the wineries can get a bit crowded. Everybody wants a taste of the vino, so be courteous and step back a bit and let somebody waiting sneak in for a taste. Not only have you taken some of the stress off the person pouring behind the bar, but you basically just made a friend, and another wino that you can talk to and discuss the wine with.

Well, It doesn't get much more knowledgeable then this. The Wino with Master Sommelier Fred Dame.