events...near and far!

Hitting the wine road is a real hoot. Did I say that? What I mean is that several of the wineries have events scheduled throughout the year. These events can range from special tastings, barrel tastings, food and wine parings, to out and out parties! Most wineries provide special events for their wine club members, including winemaker dinners and more parties! If you’re not a member of a wine club, pick a winery that you like, take a look at what they offer, and if it makes sense to you…JOIN! I’m a member of over a dozen wine clubs and every one of them offers what I mentioned above...and more. The one thing that’s hard to do is keep up with all these fun and educational events. What I do is check out web sites for the different areas and see what events are coming up. Then I put the dates on a calendar. It sounds crazy, but I actually plan my schedule around the events. If the boss will give you a Friday off, that’s great for planning a three-day'er out in wine country! Here’s an example. Travel Zoo had a special for two nights at a four star inn in the Healdsburg area, which also included a VIP winery tour and reserve tasting at two different wineries. One of my "way too many" wine club wineries was having a release party on Saturday. Soooo, I did some tasting early afternoon Friday, I went to one tour and tasting on Saturday morning, the party that afternoon, and the other tour on Sunday morning, before I headed back home. It’s a lot packed into a weekend, but well worth it. Below I’ve provided links to some of the wine areas that will guide you through their respective areas wineries, lodging, restaurants and events. You can also learn mucho stuff about the area’s history and what to expect when you get there…if you already haven’t! You can also check out the WINO101 Wine News for wine happenings around the country.