ABOUT WINO 101 & the wino 

​​WINO101 was developed by Tom Orsat to provide wine lovers, and would-be wine lovers, with a venue to learn about wine and wineries from a common sense, short, and easy to understand point of view. You can read page after page of the do's and don't about wine tasting on hundreds of blogs on the internet. That's not what this site is about. It's about

YOU knowing just enough of the basics while you learn from your own experiences. I just want to basically wet your whistle! I want you to become aware of some of the great wineries and wines here in Northern California. Additionally, I especially want the wineries to have their products and services known to a greater number of the passionate wine lover's out there. It's for the average Joe, and anybody that wants to explore wines and have a great time doing it.

WINO101 is NOT a wine or winery "critique" site. That would be counter-productive as not everybody likes the same wine or winery experience. This is something that's up to you. All I'm trying to do is point you to wineries I've visited myself, what I saw, what I tasted and what I enjoyed and learned. While the explanations of the do's and don'ts might seem short, it's because it's that simple. Don't read more in to it than that. Making YOUR experience is up to YOU, and how far and deep you want to indulge into the world of wine. I hope you look at this site in the same perspective. I'll be adding more information as time goes by about the wine growing areas, wine, restaurants and lodging. OK...it's to get you to come back again. But it's also because I don't want to pour out so much info at one time that you don't absorb the the good stuff! It's a building process and nobody, I mean nobody can become an expert sitting in front of a computer screen for a couple hours. It's all about making the experience YOUR experience.

​As for me, I started my excursion into wine in the mid-1960’s…with some cheap red wine, which brands escapes me, but Ripple and Strawberry Hill does ring a bell!! One thing that I’ve noticed over the many years, is the feeling of intimidation and insecurity of the new, or even inexperienced wine lover, can feel when walking into the tasting room. This site is dedicated to those that want to learn about wine and be able to talk with some authority about wine, without looking like a wine snob in front of your friends or significant other. I just want to point out wineries and such that have impressed me, educated me, and were just plain fun to visit. Will they be YOUR favorite? Maybe yes and maybe no. But you won't know until you give them a try!

The WINO...Tom Orsat

The Wino's Mentor & Sommelier!

"I will drink no wine before it's time"

In the coming weeks and months, I will be giving you information on my tasting experiences wineries, eats and more.  As I've said a couple of times, THESE ARE NOT REVIEWS. My writings are to simply tell you "just a little" about what my tasting experiences were. YOU really should get out and enjoy some of these fine wineries, get some knowledge, some experience and have a real hoot doing it!  I've been to all of them and each offers a different experience from a visual, educational or juice aspect. Nothing like diversifying your fun! 

WINO 101 and the Wino himself, are not associated with, or participate in any advertising or marketing for financial gain, or any such stuff.

The Wino just loves great wine, great wineries, great food, great places to flop, and wants to share them with the universe!

PS; If I misspell some words it's because I'm on my second bottle!